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The first book in the series, The Blossoming Flower, focuses on her early childhood trauma. She is a sweet, smart child, living what she thinks is a normal life while being abused by someone that she should be able to trust. She must choose between enduring the abuse or making a decision that could tear her family apart forever.

"I highly recommend this book! What an amazing author! It is the only book I have ever read cover to cover in my 49 years!" -Matthew D.


"This is a gripping tale of survival and coming of age. I couldn’t put it down!"

-Amazon Customer

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The second book in the series, The Lost Sheep, graphically depicts how abuse and trauma can affect a person, causing mistrust, isolation, anxiety, and depression. Follow Angel as she continues her journey from a broken family into the cold, dark world by herself. Witness how a once good child can become unrecognizable on her quest to find where she belongs.


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