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               ABOUT ME


My name is Angel. I've always loved to read and write, and I've always known that I need to tell my story, as dark as it is. I believe that by speaking about what happened to me, I can help other trauma survivors and show them that there is a way to overcome what they've been through and be successful.

I grew up mostly in Michigan. I love the creative arts, music, nature, exploring, and animals. My children always come first and are the most important part of my life. Playing drums and singing come naturally to me along with a fondness for drawing and creating things. 


 My hope is that my story will reach other trauma survivors, so they can see firsthand that no matter what terrors you've gone through, it is possible to find peace and happiness. I've suffered with depression, anxiety, and PTSD for as long as I can remember. I've finally stopped trying to deny it and embrace everything that makes me unique.


I want to help other people that have experienced similar traumatic events, and my goal is to start an organization that helps people and allows them access to resources that can prevent them from going through the types of things that myself and so many others have experienced.

Do you know anyone that suffers from PTSD, anxiety, or depression as a result of physical or sexual abuse?

Check out book one in the Angel series: The Blossoming Flower- now available on Amazon Kindle and in paperback.

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