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You are strong, and you can get through whatever life throws at you. You've overcome harder obstacles than this. Not many of us can do it alone, and if you need help, please reach out to a professional that specializes in helping people get through trauma. I have listed some resources below that I hope will be beneficial to anyone that needs a helping hand. Together, we can accomplish anything!

  • Mental Health Services

    Woman on Window Sill
    Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) to reach a 24-hour crisis center, text MHA to 741741

    Speak with your healthcare provider, or contact your local community mental health center or crisis center. Many towns have crisis centers that can provide you with immediate assistance and referrals for further assistance.

  • Finding Friends

    We are never alone, but sometimes the lack of interaction with others can leave us feeling depressed or lonely. If you can't reconnect with old friends, there are ways to make new ones!
    There are others that feel the same way you do.

    The best way to make lasting friendships is through shared life experiences. Sometimes people become busy. They can't always be there. Many social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have groups where likeminded individuals can find and interact with each other.


    There are groups for authors, animal lovers, trauma survivors, nature enthusiasts, car/ truck/ motorcycle lovers, artists, musicians, single parents, parents of children with disabilities, fans, and so much more. Don't be afraid to broaden your horizons! Some of your closest friends may be people that you have yet to meet.

  • Become Active

    If you don't speak out, it isn't going to end. Millions of girls, boys, men, and women have suffered and millions more will continue to suffer if we don't

    So many people are afraid to speak up about what happened to them. We fear being labeled by society as different, damaged, broken, crazy, or unlovable. We are told to get over it, move on, and stop living in the past. You might be strong enough to protect yourself now, but there are so many children and adults that cannot. Be their voice. Fight for them. Some people don't even know that what's happening to them is not okay. It may be up to you to save them.


  • Waitress Saves Boy From Abuse With A Note

    Thanks to a waitress that didn't simply "mind her business", a little boy is safe from the abuse he has been subjected to.
    Anyone can be a Hero!

    Read the full story here: 

    If you suspect abuse, PLEASE do something about it. Pay attention and use your senses! Signs of abuse include the child or person being withdrawn or acting out, bruises in places like their arms and neck, lack of appetite, and signs of neglect include being underweight, unkept, and withdrawn. 

    Children get bruises all the time. My son bonks himself by running through the house at least once a day. Shin bruises, forehead bruises, being messy, and not wanting to bathe are typical behaviors for children. Be vigilant, and look for sings that the person is uncomfortable, scared, or in distress. Find a way to ask them, in private, if they need help.

    Some people, especially children, don't know that they are being mistreated and will be reluctant to speak up because they care about their abuser (usually the person that takes care of them). They have often been conditioned to believe that the alternative is even worse. They need reassurance and to know that what they are experiencing is not okay or "normal".

    A lot of people that we consider "bullies" have been abused. They lash out and abuse other people because they were abused, either mentally, physically, or otherwise. They don't realize that their behavior is unacceptable because it's what they were shown. 

    We have to break the cycle of abuse and fear, or it will never end. We need to raise awareness that this is happening behind even some of the most innocent-looking doors, and we need to stop looking the other way and allowing it to happen. 

  • What You CAN Do

    Don't worry about what you can't do, and focus on what you CAN do. Take control of your life, and change it for the better. 
    Ways to Help:

    -Pay attention. Look for suspicious behavior. Get their name, address, license plate number, anything that can help identify the person in danger.

    -Ask questions. If it's a kid at school, a coworker, or someone you know that's acting differently, ask if things are okay. A little concern can go a long way.

    -Speak out. Even if people are sick of hearing about it, say what happened. People don't want to think about the dark things happening in the world. We want to be oblivious and happy, but that is not okay as long as people are still suffering. 

    -Connect with others. The internet is a beautiful resource for connecting with other people that have similar interests and goals. Together, we can form a massive community to protect others and a safehaven for those that can't protect themselves. 


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